Freedom Music Series: Beatallica!

Event location

House of Harley-Davidson®

6221 West Layton Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53220

28 May 2022 12:00pm - 3:00pm

Featuring live music from Beatallica, fresh off their Devolver tour! Forged from the influences of two of history’s greatest bands, Beatallica are the world’s first live mash-up or “bash-up” band. Their wit, creativity, subversiveness, and flair are as sharp as the point they make. Beatallica destroy the boundaries of creativity and reveal how original compositions of music can be crafted for those who identify with humor and biting commentary.

Delicious food from Pig Tailz MKE!

Wasted Space Biker Book available for purchase.

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Freedom Music Series: Beatallica!