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Powerfully Efficient

House of Harley is proud to be one of the first dealers in the US to offer the all-new LiveWire S2 Del Mar. 

With adaptable charging, you can get back on the road at 80% capacity in just 78 minutes using public chargers on the go, or under 6 hours with a standard 110v wall outlet–nearly 75% faster than charging an electric car.

Dynamic ride modes give you control over power, throttle, and regen for the best performance depending on your needs and current road conditions.

Always Evolving

The first LiveWire motorcycle equipped with over-the-air (OTA) update functionality, the S2 Del Mar effortlessly keeps up with every detail of your rider and bike profile, from weather conditions to event detection to real-time TPMS.

With the new Del Mar app, you’ll be able to access navigation, roadside assistance, ride history, the Del Mar owner’s manual, and more. Everything you need is in one place so you can focus on the present and ride into the future.

LiveWire’s vision is to connect the soul of every rider with the latest technology, transforming the future of motorcycles. Ride into the future with a classic American analog adapted to groundbreaking EV functionality.

Ride with Finesse

The Cornering Enhanced Traction Control System (C-TCS) is designed to prevent the rear wheel from excessive spinning when accelerating around a corner. This safety enhancement is just one of several adapted specifically for wet riding conditions, allowing you to ride with confidence rain or shine.

The S2 Del Mar accelerates from 0-60 in 3.0 seconds and reaches top speeds of 103 mph, thanks to its 84 HP engine and 194 ft-lb electric motor torque. 

Ride with full adjustability thanks to a SHOWA® Fully Adjustable front fork and SHOWA® Free Piston Monoshock rear shock.

What will you experience in the absence of heat, vibration, and noise? Transcend the limits of combustion and enjoy the ride into the future with class-leading range, intuitive technology, and refined riding.